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The EGO project blog is a communication venue for the research into Electronic Graphic Organizers. It will be used to provide a place for collecting the names of various software packages and then have users provide input into their applications.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

EGO Characteristics Outline

This is the Characteristics Outline that I have created so far . . .

Please use the comments portion of this blog to give input. There was a great number of good ideas that were suggested by the Oregon Group, but some of them were ideas for new and innovative additions to outlines and diagrams. Remember that these are characteristics of existing Electronic Graphic Organizers.

Electronic Graphic Organizer Characteristics
I. Access
A. Software is web-based
B. Free/Shareware/Commercial
II. User Interface
A. Stand Alone
B. Collaborative
III. Platforms
A. Macintosh
B. Windows
C. Linux
D. Handhelds
IV. Control
A. Keyboard commands
B. Arrange/Rearrange capabilities
1. Top-down
2. Bottom-Up
3. Right-Tree
4. Left-Tree
C. Rapidfire capability
V. Nodes
A. Nodes can be colored
B. Notes are connected with nodes
C. Sound can be connected with nodes
D. Can insert video or sound
VI. Symbols
A. Symbol library
1. Program-based
2. Web-based
B. Can Personalize the Symbol Library
C. Drag and Drop
D. Fill colors can be used
VII. Links
A. Links can be modified
B. Links can be labeled
C. Hyperlinkable
D. Gather HyperLinked files
VIII. Text
A. Spell Checker
B. Dictionary
C. Text-to-Speech
D. Manipulation
1. Cut, Past, Copy, etc.
IX. Format
A. Diagram
B. Outline
C. Outline interacting with Diagram
X. Organization
A. Can gather hyperlinked files
B. Link to other outlines (parent/child)
XI. Saving
A. Transfer to Word Processor
B. Transfer to PowerPoint
C. Save as .jpg
D. Save as webpage
E. Save as .pdf (This is probably OS dependent)
XII. Viewing
A. Various levels available


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