The E.G.O. Project (Electronic Graphic Organizers)

The EGO project blog is a communication venue for the research into Electronic Graphic Organizers. It will be used to provide a place for collecting the names of various software packages and then have users provide input into their applications.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

EGO Project

This blog is a source of information for the EGO project.

The EGO project is a research project headed by Leigh Zeitz of the University of Northern Iowa and Lynne Anderson of the University of Oregon.

The EGO project is striving to advance the use of electronic graphic organizers for learning through better understanding and application. Graphic organizers are widely being used to address multiple learning styles in education, but the effective use of this learning tool is limited by the general lack of understanding about the capabilities of graphic organizers.

The EGO Project is developing a typology of graphic organizers to better understand the characteristics and nuances of their many incarnations. These are not computer-based organizers but rather examples of graphic organizers that can be portrayed on paper, whiteboard or computer screen.

This typology is designed to differentiate the forms of graphic organizers and then use this inventory of characteristics to better connect the application with appropriate software for classroom use. As the genre is better understood, it can be more effectively used by classroom teachers to support informed learning and knowledge representation.

This blog will be used to provide an opportunity for users to post their comments about each of the software packages that are presented.


Anonymous Nick Duffill said...

Leigh - I respectfully suggest that a lack of understanding of the capabilities of graphic organisers is not the issue. I think the issue is a lack of consensus on the *value* of graphic organisers and the problems that they solve. Benefits derive from capabilities, but without a link between them, capabilities have less meaning.

2:40 AM  

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